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Let’s celebrate and honor the legacy of Cesar Clavero. Please do so by posting a video sharing a memory, a story, or any kind words in remembrance.

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  1. Tammy— Cesar will be missed — as he is one whose presence is always felt— at times even larger than life! I had the privilege of knowing Cesar my entire adult life and over the years we became friends. We spent so much time together —talking shit as he would say- in the parking lot of our Deloitte building. I always laughed when I would call him and say— “I’m leaving the office now and I will be spending about five minutes with Cesar before i leave— that meant three hours later i would get home!! It was in those moments – as his partners for many years and as a competition for many years before that- where i got to know the true nature of the man that Cesar was. Tammy he cared so much for you and the boys— and he had so much passion for life. Over the years i actually got to the point where I understood “Claveroisms” — a language unique to Cesar. He really was a good guy Tammy- really a gentle soul and a big ole Teddy Bear. He will be missed— period end of story. This is one guy that will simply be missed!! Love you lots

  2. It is not an exaggeration to say that Cesar was a significant part of my college experience. Being away from home, your friends become family, and their parents are part of the package deal. In that way, Cesar was a surrogate father for my friends – we always knew that when he was in town, there would be no shortage of fun and memories throughout the entire visit. He made you feel like part of his family when you needed it most. As someone from emotionally-suppressive New England, Cesar’s bigheartedness and expressiveness resonated in a way that sticks with me to this day.

    Cesar’s greatness is still present, however, in the form of his sons. They keep his legacy alive, as husbands, fathers, and as men. This is a family with much of which to be proud. To that family – we are all lucky to have known Cesar, and to know you.

  3. Dear Tammy and family, I’m so sorry for the loss of Cesar. I worked very closely with him on many client engagements at AA from 1989 until the end of AA. He truly was the best boss I’ve ever had. I learned so much from him over the years. I felt he always supported me and always “had my back”. I truly owe a lot of the success I’ve had in my career to him. He’s definitely gone too soon but certainly leaves a great legacy.

  4. Dear Tammy, Alex, Andres, and Anthony:

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We are deeply sorry. We have not stopped thinking about you since we found out about Cesar’s illness.

    Cesar was one of my (Silvia’s) first bosses at Arthur Andersen and kept in touch for many years. I remember him as having a huge heart which expanded even more every time he could help someone. In the midst of his own crazy work schedule, Cesar took the time to help me get started when I decided to leave full time work and consult on my own. He recommended my services to many of his friends and business acquaintances and was there for me whenever I had a question or concern. He was one of my very dear career mentors and most importantly, a friend.

    On a personal level, we will always remember carpooling to Epiphany with the Claveros, birthday parties, T-ball, the Boys and Girls Club, and so much more!

    Love you dear friends. May you find peace in the midst of your sorrow. “Blessed are those who mourn: they shall be comforted.” ~Matthew 5:5

    Silvia and Jose Rodriguez

  5. I worked at Andersen from 2000 to 2002 and did not work directly with Cesar. We all felt his force when he entered the halls and could hear the echo of his voice and laugh! When Andersen was closing, Cesar called me to his office. It was the first time we had a direct conversation. While my group was not being transferred with the rest of the Tax Department, he had been given positive feedback about me. Cesar offered to find me a position and take me with them. I was honored and humbled by his offer, but I had already found another position. Cesar was an impressive man and was well respected. While I had little exposure to Cesar so many years ago, he is ingrained in my memory in such a positive way. May he rest in peace.

  6. Very sorry to hear about the passing of Cesar Clavero.
    Cesar and Gino were auditors for a company I worked for. I was terrified they would find a discrepancy in my accounts payable ledger, so without knowing, they made me become very proficient in my work. Later I started working for AA with Cesar’s recommendations. Cesar’s confidence was contagious. His legacy will certainly last for many years to come. May he rest in peace.

  7. I enjoyed tremendously working with Cesar in the past few years. He was so gifted in his grasp of taxation and could make anything sound so easy. He will be sorely missed by us. My condolences to all his beautiful family which I have had the privilege to meet and work with.
    Lynn and Manny Hernandez

  8. Dear Tammy and family,
    My husband and I are terribly sorry for your incredible loss. Although we have not seen each other in a long time, we will always remember going to the 1997 Marlins World Series with you and Cesar. I met Cesar in 1982 when I joined Arthur Andersen and later continued the relationship as and Arthur Andersen and Deloitte client. Cesar was a mentor and a friend to me, a friendship he extended to my husband with his welcoming smile and zest for life. Cesar will be dearly miss, the world lost a special man and heaven gained a special soul. It was an honor to have had the opportunity to meet, work and establish a friendship with Cesar, he was larger than life and will be dearly missed by all those who knew him. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  9. Tammy and family,
    You and we have suffered a terrible loss of Cesar. We will all miss him and remember him him fondly and with love. You have many friends who share your loss and who hold you in our hearts. I remember well when Cesar joined us at AA in Miami. His spirit, personality and sharp mind were evident immediately. He became a great friend to all who had the pleasure of knowing him. I left Miami in 1981, but was fortunate to see you a few times over the years. Here is a photo of when you visited us in Napa Valley in 2005. Wonderful memories. All the best to you and your family. Vic and Sandy Motto

  10. Dear Clavero Family,
    I am very sorry to hear of Cesar’s passing. He was a mentor and exceptional professional. He mentored me and helped me with my first clients in AA. AA at the time could be very stressful and he always managed to help us all free our minds into remembering what was important. He is a personality and soul that will always be remembered for his spirit will live on forever. I have no doubt that he is making others laugh in heaven and reminding them all what is important in life. Infinite blessings to you all.

  11. PJ and I send our thoughts and prayers to Tammy and the family. We remember fondly the fun times at AA parties and how Cesar always had a smile on his face and how both Tammy and Cesar were so friendly. Rest In Peace and God Bless.

  12. To the Clavero Family: I am very sorry for your loss and I am so saddened by his passing, especially due to the difficulties of COVID. Cesar was the first Partner I worked for when I joined the Tax Practice of Arthur Andersen immediately after graduating from college in 1992. He was a tax genius and so well respected for his leadership, go-getter attitude, kindness and humor. I had the honor of working on many accounts with his team but there was one account that a large team worked for months, having some weeks where we worked 80 hours, not 40, generating the largest fees that the South Florida office has seen. It was a memorable time. Cesar made an indelible mark in my career and that of everyone that worked with him because of all that he brought to an engagement and his willingness to help others learn, grow and succeed. He was an exemplary leader and I feel fortunate to have worked for him. May he continue to light your family’s life with warmth, love and guidance.

  13. To the Clavero Family,
    We are very sorry for this loss, during this ordeal I kept on praying he would improve his condition, I was very sad and upset when I heard the news. I wish we would had more to know each other, but the few times we did it was very pleasant. Particularly when we were getting ready for Andres and Mabel’s wedding, we had a great time at Anthony apartment. He will be missed.
    Jorge Martinez

  14. Arturito was the name that he went by in my family. Arturito and my dad were cousins ( my called him Turi )and were raised, pretty much as brothers because they didn’t have any brothers. It was just the two of them boys running all over maniqaagua against the girl cousins.

    To me, Arturito was more like a uncle than a second cousin. I never thanked him for all the emails that he wrote to me and my dad during the difficult time that my family was experiencing when my mom died in December 1995 and we were kids that were lost without our mother. I can’t thank Tamara and Arturito for coming in and helping my dad and his three kids 21, 18 and 16 that were left without a mother. We were literally lost for awhile. For that I’m indebted to you. Thank you!

    I remember all the summers that my family would drive from Chicago to Miami to go we all our family In Miami, starting July of 73 when I was a month old and m parents decided to drive to Miami to see the family. The pictures that we still have warm my heart and treasure them because I had so much love from my family in Florida. I remember Arturito and Tammy taking me place. I also remember My dads other cousins Jorge in Isabel taking me places in Miami. Those memories are burned in my mind they were the happiest time in my childhood.

    My family in Florida have giving me some of the best memories of my childhood. I got to spend weeks or more with them that I cherish to this day every summer.

    Arturito was a legend. Some of his conversations were short, but he quickly got to the point to give is suggestions. I always loved being in the same room with him and my dad and being proud that those two were the smartest men in the room. I could only imagine what they talked about.

    Even thought he was my second cousin, I always treated like an uncle because he was practically my fathers brother. They had an unbelievable bond that really was brother like.

    I miss all the times we had when I was a little pain in the ass kid enjoying being with my whole family In Miami. I miss the great times where we had all our grandparents there from the whole family. No matter what our family was always there even though we were thousands of miles away. I really do miss all those family gatherings. They were still special and imprinted in my mind.

    I love all the times I would give Artudio questions or scenarios and came wit a quick witted answers that was spot on. I loved all the times I would talk about college and NFL football to get his take. Could it talk to my dad about football, he’s my baseball guru.

    I still remember my Cuban cigar that I had with Arturito. I felt so special. Never smoked a Cuban cigar and because of him that’s my little obsession.

    It’s funny how both my father and Arturito chose different career paths, but had that same deep passion to work extremely hard with many crazy hours and sometimes missing out on some little things we did as kids. They were extremely driven and provide did everything in there power to give their families a great life.

    I’m extremely hard broken for Tamara, Alex, Andrés , Anthony , Alexis, Mabel, Didi and kids. Just remember that he built and incredible legacy that lives on and will get passed to his grandchildren. That legacy can never be removed. His accomplishment and legacy are what drives us to keep it going and never be forgotten.

    Just remember all the sacrifices that our grandparents and parents went through to give us a better life here. Their percervierence started what we have til day. My love for my family will never wonder and will always be deep in my hear and soul.

    Love you all with every cell in my body. I know the boys are going to be there care of Tammy. That’s the way we’re raised. These boys are model gentlemen that have are family traditions for in them I could be any prouder of them. That’s proof that Arturito and Tamara raise up upstanding men. Tammy you should be extremely proud.

    Love you all and you have no idea what you and the rest of the family means to me. We are nothing without our families and the sacrifices that our grandparents and parents made to give us a better life in America. Love and God bless, Peter J

  15. Cesar was one of the most fun loving, generous dad’s I have ever had the privilege of being around. During the trips, dinners, gambling sessions, there was an effervescent joy that poured out of Cesar and would fill the room. It was impossible not to enjoy life when you were with him. Perhaps Cesar’s greatest accomplishment was passing this wonderful trait on to his sons.

    Alex, Andres, Anthony, Mrs. Clavero, and the entire family: you have our deepest sympathies. Please know that we are thinking of you and here for you in any way we can be to help get through this unimaginable trying time.

    With Love,
    David Rabin & Family

  16. I had the pleasure of working with Cesar at Arthur Andersen for 24 years. I joined Andersen 8 years before Cesar. Most of his friends and colleagues probably don’t know that Cesar started work in Andersen’s audit practice before he transferred, at the suggestion of the firm, into the tax department. Cesar was instrumental in building our South Florida tax practice. He will be missed.

  17. Dear Clavero Family,

    Although we didn’t know Cesar well, we know Alex and to know any of Cesar’s children is to know that Cesar was a remarkable man. There’s no way one could raise such strong, kind, and caring children without being an incredible father and role model. There’s also no doubt that Cesar’s legacy will forever shine brightly in his children and grandchildren.

    We had the pleasure of having dinner with your family in New York a few years ago and remember thinking that Cesar was larger than life, and such a rare and wonderful combination of strength and love. We can only imagine the pain you’re feeling losing this incredible light and we pray that with time, you’ll find peace knowing that he’s okay now and caring for you from above.

    We love you and your family and hope you feel the strength surrounding you as you grieve this incredible loss.

    Kelly and Danny Brown

  18. To the Man, the Myth, the Legend:

    Words can not express the emptiness I felt when I initially heard the news. Sad, angry, lost…couldn’t make up my mind. You where like an uncle to me. Treated me and all of Alex’s friends like your own. Accepted the good, and the not so good. After some reflection, I realized what you meant to us. Since a very young age you taught us how to live, love and how to be a hell of a dominos player 😜 You lived your life to the fullest. Successful in all aspects. Admired and loved by all. A true role model for everyone to aspire to be like. Although this world may have lost your physical form, Heaven has received your spirit and soul. I am comforted in knowing that we now have one amazing angel watching over us😇

    “Give me a C…Give me an E…Give me a SAR…CESAR, CESAR, CESAR!!!!!”


  19. Tammy, Alex, Andres and Anthony…..Friends who are family. Cesar’s quiet, reserved, yet suddenly boisterous self, will forever remain In our hearts, as will his big prescience and witty humor. Your void will be hard to fill. Do so with the immeasurable amount of memories that fill your mind and heart today. He was a blessed man who married my amazing friend, Tammy, one of the strongest, loving, and caring women I know. And, triple blessed with 3 true gentlemen of whom he was oh so proud. He will forever be part of our Christmas Eve elves. May he rest in peace.💔😘
    Lots of love….The Halley family.

  20. Dear Clavero Family,
    I was shocked to hear about Cesar’s passing.
    I am deeply saddened by this absolutely unexpected news.
    Cesar certainly should have had many more years on earth to share his unique wisdom with us all, but specially with his family after such a long and productive professional life.
    I met Cesar at AA in the late 80’s and since then he became a reference to me. And boy did he work… intensely… profoundly… cleverly… his capacity and knowledge were unmatchable… he would easily shine as the smartest guy in the room.
    Any cross border engagements to/from Brazil I could land in to work with Cesar were a delight….to this date. His unparalleled ability to dissect, diagnose and guide will forever be remembered, but his natural and easy way to nurture professional relations will be forever missed.
    May God welcome Cesar with open arms and care for his gentle soul to continue to look after us.
    May the Clavero Family overcome this terrible loss and cherish the memory of Cesar’s life on earth.

    Luis Frazao

  21. Hola Tamara e hijos: soy M. Eugenia Melzer, la hija de Luis Mari y Aguedi. Sentimos mucho el fallecimiento de Arturo. Mi madre, mis hermanos y toda nuestra familia os enviamos un fortísimo abrazo, en estos momentos tan duros que estáis pasando.

  22. I have always been so amazed about how kind, caring and brilliant the Clavero boys are. I know this is a tribute to their parents. Cesar and Tammy did a wonderful job and I know with his boys, he must have been well pleased. Tammy, you’re the strongest woman I know and an inspiration to us all. We love you all very much and will continue to pray for comfort, strength and peace that only God can give. Love, Caroline Cardenas

  23. Dear Tamara, Anthony, Andres and Alex,

    Cesar and I met about 40 years ago…in the “tax universe”. Fate had it that we would end up collaborating on so many different projects. I was so impressed by his systematic thinking and creativity. I think we were both somewhat eccentric…maybe that’s why it took several years of interaction before we developed a close friendship which I think we enjoyed immensely until the end. We talked a lot about war stories, personal history, human values…and that friendship became enormously important to me. Whenever we had a chance to chat I always walked away having learned something new about his amazing life history. He had the gift of intellectual and emotional intelligence. He could converse with a Fortune 500 CEO with the same ease as he could shoot the breeze with the guy shinning his shoes. He had such depth! Cesar always was there for me when I needed his help and support, for which I am eternally grateful. Last Friday as I was grieving alone, remembering the many gifts and lessons Cesar gave me, a memory spontaneously came to mind: at my boarding school we had a school prayer the started: “Dear Lord, make us gentle, generous, truthful, kind and brave…”. Cesar was all that and more. I always admired his deep reverence for practice and discipline…so valuable. He had a deep and sincere spiritual life that he shared and I felt I understood. I have so many great memories! Thank you Cesar! And thank you, his beloved family, for supporting such a wonderful being. With my utmost respect, Tim

  24. I only got to know Cesar in the past few years. He was such a joyous person, full of love and life. He provided sound counsel to Andres and I will starting our business. I will always be grateful for his keen insight and invaluable guidance. At Andres’ and Mabel’s wedding, he and I spoke and got to know each other well. He immediately made me feel as though I were becoming a part of his family. Tammy and Cesar raised three incredible men. Each are full of talent and intelligence. Each have incredible work ethic. I have the utmost respect for who these brothers are today and I’m overwhelmed with admiration for their parents. Tammy and Cesar guided Alex, Andres, and Anthony through their lives and molded them to have positive impacts on the world around them.

    My brightest memory of Cesar will always be of him seated at a giant table in the middle of our restaurant, surrounded by his entire family. While laughing and eating and sharing in our joy, he couldn’t stop proudly smiling at Andres and complimenting us on a job well done. His emotions were overflowing while he bounced from chair to chair, family member to family member, pouring out his love and happiness onto everyone around him. I’m grateful that he was able to experience his son’s dream become a reality and that I could be there to witness and admire his absolute affection for his family.

    May his memory be a blessing.

  25. Dear Clavero Family:
    We love you, we are super sad and praying for all of you. Cesar will live inside of us forever. We wish you peace and love for one another.

    Now, Cesar, he hired me into the Firm in 1981, he mentored me, he guided me, he groomed me and i would not be the man or the businessman i am today without his love and guidance. First job in a bank in Hialeah, we sat in a tiny table with 4 staff, while the King sat in a table for 8 alone, on the phone, giving orders and answering questions, managing multiple jobs at once. I was bad at the 10 key adding machine, so he made me sit in a room and add up the entire phone book, if I stopped for 5 seconds, he would say, “what’s the problem dude”; Priceless Life lessons! Make it happen, don’t be a weak weed, sign and date all docs, wavy greens for straight lines and cutting paper, figure it out, only the strong survive, etc. etc. haha!

    Anthony, Godson (and Alex and Andres) and of course Tammy, we are here for you, we love you and wish you all peace and love. He lives in us forever!!

    Sincerely, Mario & The Trujillo Family

  26. With my deepest condolences to the Clavero Family,

    My heart is with you, & you are in my prayers during this saddest of times. Cesar was an absolutely incredible person ~ he was larger than life. He told the best stories, with such flair & a huge smile. His laughter was infectious. He was a tax genius, & the smartest guy in the room. He truly cared about others, & was generous with his time & advice. He was an invaluable mentor & teacher. He is missed, already, & will be so for all the years to come. His legacy lives on our wonderful memories of him. May he rest in peace.

  27. We are so thankful to have met Cesar later in life when Clav (Alex) met Alexis. Clav, Andres, and Anthony are some of the most genuine, hardworking, and kindest men- all qualities that are directly attributed to how they were raised. Cesar’s legacy will live through them, and may he Rest In Peace knowing that his family will always be surrounded by love and support in whatever they need.

    “If there is any immortality to be had among us human beings, it is only in the love that we leave behind.” … Fathers like Cesar don’t ever die.

    We love you all so much. – Ale and Xavi Maynoldi

  28. We are so shocked and devastated by your loss. Our family has high esteem for Cesar and wholeheartedly share in your sorrow. He was a wonderful man full of spirit and love for his family. Our sincerest condolences. There are no words for this senseless loss. May he rest in peace. May God comfort your family and envelope you with His peace. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    David, Lily, Harley and Natali Basadre

  29. Dear Tamara and Clavero Family, I am so sorry to hear of Cesar passing, Lisa informed me and it hit me like a hammer.
    I remember Cesar very well and always looked up to him. Even though it’s been years, I am greatly to have had the pleasure and honor to meet such a wonderful Family. Please accept my Condolences..
    You are in my Prayers.

    Jose Luis

  30. Dear Tamara and the Clavero Family,
    I’m sorry to hear of Cesar’s passing. I’ll always remember the huge smile on his face and light in his eyes whenever we spoke. My sincere condolences. He is now up in heaven and playing with his wonderful pets by the rainbow bridge, may he rest in peace. Sending healing prayers and comforting hugs…
    Josny Bustamante ( Jay )

  31. Clavero family,

    We are so sorry about your loss. I didn’t know Cesar well, but I know his kids, and in them feel that he left behind the kind of legacy we all aspire to as parents – strong, smart, caring people. During this painful time I hope it offers some small solace that your community is strong, we are here for you and we love you.

    The Cosgrove family

  32. On my first Christmas away from my family, I was invited to celebrate with my roommate Anthony and the rest of his family. That was where I first really met Cesar, the man that Anthony had claimed to know everything. Over the course of living with Anthony, I had frequently heard the words “let me ask my dad” or the classic “my dad knows a guy.” Cesar was every bit the man I heard about – intelligent, funny, and full of fatherly wisdom. I discovered the source of Anthony’s mad fanaticism for the Canes. Plus, he introduced me to some braided string cheese that, to this day, I insist on including during every Christmas dinner I attend.

    Rest in peace Cesar, knowing you’ve cultivated such a loving family, incredibly independent sons, and immensely large shoes to fill. Love from my family to yours.

  33. Cesar Clavero was one of a kind. He knew how to live! Him and his signature mustache were a constant presence in all my childhood Epiphany memories and also being a fellow crazy Miami Hurricane family who traveled to wherever a bowl game or rivalry game would take us. An amazing man who raised 3 men I am lucky to call my friends and married probably one of my favorite people on earth.

    Andres wrote on instagram that Cesar lived his life for the sake of providing for others so they may live their best life. Our high school graduation trip to the Bahamas is an example of this – one of my favorite trips and memories of all time.I was definitely living “my best life”. I will always look back fondly at the times spent with Cesar and his family. I am very blessed and lucky him and the Clavero family are part of my life. May he rest in peace.

  34. Cesar, you are an incredible loss for me. You were a friend, an invaluable mentor and an ally. You were a tax king and I will always look up to you. Thank you for all of your coaching and advice. You will be immensely missed.

    My deepest condolences to the family and all who loved him.

    Lina Ustundag

  35. Cesar,

    We met not too long ago but you were always so bright and nice to talk to. You brought a lot of wisdom to the table.

    You will be missed.

    Sebastian Martinez

  36. I got to know Cesar whilst rooming with Alex during Law School. Cesar was the ultimate connoisseur and treated his son’s friends like family. He hosted fun dinners at Wolfgang’s, trips to Las Vegas, and some crazy times in New Orleans. He always lent a professional ear and would help with career advice and business connections. He will be missed but his legacy will surely live on.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Clavero family. My next porterhouse at Wolfgang’s, next char broiled oyster at Dragos, and next sip of scotch will be in honor of Cesar, the legend. Love, Eric Weinberg

  37. Cesar! Cesar! Cesar!
    Such a simple chant yet it brings so much light and energy to our lives. As kids you were a King to us. At a young age, you took me in as a son, and I will forever be grateful. You taught me so many life lessons and to always work hard in whatever I do. You taught us how to be a fanatic. You showed us how to win with the greatness of the Hurricanes in the early 2000s, and then how to accept constantly losing with the Dolphins. You brought us so many wonderful memories from around the world that we will always treasure. You blessed us with a loving family with three pure gentlemen and a wonderful wife that doesn’t ever have one bad thing to say.

    We’ll never forget you Cesar. We’ll never forget your big smile as you would hold in the punchline of your hilarious joke or unbelievable situation that occurred to earlier that day. Your legacy will live on. May you Rest in Peace. We love you all.

    Praying for you,
    Julio Leganoa and Family

  38. Tammy, Alex, Andres and Anthony,
    So very sorry for your loss. Thinking of your family through this difficult time.

  39. Cesar treated me to my first charbroiled oysters in Nola and I will never forget that. It was always so nice to spend time with the Clavero family whenever they would visit Andres. Cesars love for a good time with Andres, his friends, and the Clavero family was always felt. May you Rest In Peace. ❤️

  40. The “KING”, that’s how we knew him at Andersen, and he was KING! He was a manager at AA when I met him through the recruiting process in 1980. And though I had choices as to Firms, I chose him, which means I chose Andersen. As I complete 40 years in the profession, it was his mentorship and sponsorship that has served as my Foundation. He taught me to be a “partner” before I even became a partner. But the “professional” is only part of the story. Our families became “ONE”! Tammy and Cesar blessed us with our Godson, Andres. But the reality is that Alex and Anthony are also Godsons to us as well. We thank you for always being there for us and we are here for you as well. We love you! Oscar and Noryn Suarez

    PS- here is a pic at Alex’s wedding, with the 3 Amigo’s reunited.

  41. Dearest Clavero Family,

    Through my friendship with Tam since the late 80s and fully blossoming into a sisterhood since ‘02, I often learned how to be a better person when I witnessed this amazing, role model family, bonded by strong, dedicated, salt of the earth parents who always put children, loyalty, faith and community first. I am deeply saddened for you all, but know that this type of foundational love that was laid long ago, will carry you in this time of loss and change. I pray that Cesar’s humor, strength, beautiful eyes and smile give you comfort when you need it most. You are all loved.

    Annette Nathan and family. 💜🙏🏾

  42. We will never forget Cesar’s quiet and strong presence in our family. Although they are technically first cousins, he was like a brother to my mom; he was always there for her and for all of us. I’ll never forget all his stories about their younger days in Cuba and how he and Peter taught my mom to stick out her tongue. Being the youngest of the three, she thought anything they said was the coolest and proceeded to stick her tongue out at her mother one day, and she was slapped for it! Cesar and Peter still enjoyed a good laugh at her expense well into their older years. That’s just one of the stories that drives our loving family history, and Cesar will always be a huge part of that. You are loved and missed, Cesar. ❤️

  43. To Tamara, Alex, Andres, Anthony & all of the Clavero Family:

    We are extremely saddened and very sorry to hear about Cesar’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we hope and pray that God gives you the strength during this most difficult time. Although we cannot be there physically, we’re sending lots of love and positive energy your way. May Cesar’s soul be with you and at peace. We will always have the utmost loving memories of Cesar and have always appreciated you welcoming us into your home. We love you all very much.

    With deepest sympathy,
    Alexandria & Alejandra Guerra

  44. I am still in shock and my heart is broken. I enjoyed my last visit to Miami in January and spending time chatting with him as I looked at all the pictures of his granddaughters in his office. It is still amazing to me that he sent me a Happy Birthday text (with his bitmoji of course) while he was sick. It truly meant so much to me! Sending lots of love to Tia Tamara and my primos. His legacy will live in through you.



  45. Cesar was my mentor and friend since joining the Clavero family at Advanced in 2017. He was a sharp and strong businessman, who I relied on heavily for advice, and could always count on him to point out the clear path. Most importantly, everyday I witnessed the class-act example he set as husband, father, uncle, and grandfather. What I will miss and cherish most is his storytelling and laugher that filled the office.

    I am lucky to have gotten the chance to know him, and his legacy will live on through his family.

    Felipe I. Jauregui

  46. Our deepest condolences to Tamara and all of Cesar’s family. May God have him with Him where one day we will all see him again. We will always remember him with a smile as seen in all of the pictures that the family has shared.

  47. Cesar,

    I’m still in shock by your passing. I received an e-mail from you just a week ago. Our family is very grateful for helping us with all of our accounting dilemmas. You were truly a confident, sharp and clever man. Your loud and jolly laugh will always be in my memory. I know you will be “celebrating with champagne” when we finally organize our paperwork. May your light shine always.

    For Family & Friends, I offer my heartfelt sympathy:

    “There are places within our hearts that can only be filled with memories. And there are places within our souls that can only be healed by the gentle hands of time. May you find comfort knowing my thoughts are with you during this difficult time. And may you find peace knowing there is one more angel in heaven.”

    Your Loss is Deeply Felt,
    George’s Daughter ~ Nital Trading

  48. Cesar was larger than life and down to earth at the same time. I will never forget how giddy Clav, Cesar and I all were after trying every dish at Arzak in San Sebastien — yes, Cesar treated us to dinner at literally the best restaurant in the world, because that’s what he did. Later in the trip hearing stories about his childhood time in Bilbao was a treat, and a testament to the journey he traveled to live such a fulfilling, fruitful life with an incredible family.

    Clavero family, we’re heartbroken for you. God’s ways are hard to fathom at moments like this. But we know your family has the strength to continue leading your beautiful lives, and Cesar’s big heart will continue on through you all.


    The Koss Family

  49. My deepest condolences to the Clavero Family.

    I worked with “the CZAR” fresh out of UM, both at Deloitte and later as a Deloitte client for over ten years. Cesar was a tax genius. He was a good guy that was always willing to help or share some words of wisdom. A great deal of that advice still resonates with me today. Cesar was brilliant, a jokester with a great smile, and a true legend.

    My thoughts and prayers are with the Clavero family. Rest In Peace CZAR.

  50. Querida Tammy, hijos, hijas politicas y nietecitas:

    Ha sido un golpe muy duro para todos y lamentamos profundamente el fallecimiento de César a quien tuvimos el honor de conocerlo, y haber podido compartir momentos gratos de amistad.

    Les enviamos nuestro mas sentido pésame, y a la distancia les manifestamos todo nuestro amor, cariño, y sincera y fiel amistad.

    Están en nuestras oraciones y confiamos y les deseamos que los hermosos recuerdos de Cesar sirvan de impulso para seguir adelante en este momento.

    Los queremos
    Luis, Sonia y Nicole Favre

  51. So grateful we were able to all be together. As usual we all have such fun when we are together. Our hearts are broken for the Clavero family. The Tawil family sends our love and deepest condolences.
    Samir, Laurie, Gabrielle and Kevin

  52. A tribute to the smartest guy in the room! A tribute to the man that showed us how to be cool and smooth while maintaining a sense of class. Cesar, I want to thank you for always showing us a good time and always treating me like a son, especially when I would crash last min family trips. I want to thank you for the life experiences you and your family showed me that I will never forget. like that one time you thought it would be a good idea to take 10 college kids to Mardi Gras and set us up in the vip section on bourbon st. Or the many Bahamas trips in high school where you tried to teach me about fine wines but I really just wanted a Long Island ice tea lol !!
    Tam, Anthony and the boys. I love you like family and I am a better man for having grown up around you all. Thank you for always treating me like a son/ brother!

    Big C you will be missed !!❤️

  53. Dear Clavero Family,

    I am so sorry for your loss. I was a new staff at Deloitte when he was the managing partner and saw how smart and dedicated he was to his work and team members. He can never be replaced, but his legacy lives on on all of us that worked for him.

  54. Tamara, Alexander, Andrés and Anthony, Alexis, Mabel and Didi, our heart is breaking for you as we know Cesar was at the center of your amazing family. We feel fortunate to have gotten to know him through our relationship with Andrés. Steve fondly remembers the the time they spent together at El Palacio de los Jugos in Miami. We promise to continue to support Andres and Mabel in Chicago however we can. We know how proud he was of all of you and how much he adored his granddaughters. Our family extends our love to each of you in this time of sorrow. Cesar’s memory will reside forever in our hearts.

  55. Dear Clavero Family,

    I am incredibly sorry for your loss. Cesar was a great man, a wonderful human being, and a thoughtful Godfather. He will be missed very much by all of us. We love you and are keeping you in our prayers.

    Nick Trujillo and the Trujillo family.

  56. So sorry to hear about Cesar’s passing.

    My condolences to the family!

    Rest in peace my friend.

    You were a real character, a great professional and a good friend!

    You provided me with much laughter during the many, many hours that we work together AA&Co.

    Ron Marini, Esq. (aka Rambo – Cesar’s nickname for me)

  57. Dear Tammy and Family,

    I am so sorry to hear of the passing of your beloved and my dear friend, Cesar.

    Genie and I will have you all in our thoughts and prayers.

    I will always cherish the memory of our lunches / dinners and fun times together.

    May His Memory Be Eternal.

    Kindest regards,

    Robert Masrieh

  58. I never had an opportunity to meet Me. Clavero. However, knowing Andres, I know he did an amazing job as a father. I will keep the Clavero family in my prayers.

  59. Dear Clavero Family,
    I am deeply saddened by the loss of Cesar Clavero. I didn’t have the privilege to meet Mr. Clavero. However, I’ve had the privilege to spend time with Anthony. And if ones life is a legacy of who and how our children are, Mr. Clavero should be very proud of the work he did. I’m sure it was a joint effort between both Mr. and Mrs. Clavero, whom I also don’t know. But as a tribute to who a person is, especially a parent, and in this case a father, it is our greatest goal in life to leave behind a family that represents the best we are and want to be. Anthony is surely the result of great parents. May God welcome Mr. Clavero into his kingdom and may Anthony and his family find comfort in the faith of his everlasting life in heaven.
    Miguel and Sadie Sosa